Friday, February 6, 2009

How late am I?

In a world where expression is a matter of political discussion, blogs and posts are quantified as social media, women are defined and predefined by social conditioning, children are becoming more and more self reliant, cinema is moving in un-chartered zones where directors are turning into actors and terror has eclipsed the world, I have decided to set my self on a journey of discovery.

I turned 40 recently and I don't know whether it just struck me that I am now 40 and time is ticking, that a sense of restless has begun. I sit in a seemingly fun social environment wondering why I am even there, I look at the direction of my life and wonder if I took the wrong turn? A lot of things have changed since I hit the big four O. Technology being one of them.

My challenges with technology go way back, but apparently I am quite well versed with it as compared to others says my technical better half. I joined Facebook recently more out of pressure from my husband who felt I needed to use the technology of today and labeled me as a laggard demographically speaking, when it came to trying it out. Facebook, a seemingly mindless form of social networking where we meet our current friends, long lost friends and relatives and categorize them into add as a friend and ignore this friend categories. Then we look curiously and critically into their lives, wondering what they look like now and rank them according to the coolness of their posts.

If that doesn't make me judgmental enough, I then proceed to make political statements, publishing my views, review movies and talk of my current mental state. After weeks of interesting posts and expressions I now sit back and feel vulnerable at the marketing efforts made by the team of Facebook. I run like an ant chased by a vacuum cleaner, shying away from being sucked by this modern pathos of social expressions that have now become everybody's business. It is cool to be on Facebook, Orkut or whatever it is out there. It pays to talk if you make any sense at all. If you always wondered that when you speak is someone out there listening, hey this is your chance. At 40 I am joining this band of mindless expression. I am anyways defined by my dear friends as chatty so hey how about channelizing those thoughts. Soneone in that cyber space may be reading hi.

Day 1 at blogging, How late am I?


Chinmay said...

Never too late bhabhi. In fact, you're pretty good. It's one thing to feel something and a completely different thing to be able to express it so well in words. You're one of those who has their way with words. Keep up the effort! - Chinmay.

Archana said...

Not too late Sima, I so much empathize with you, thought I am overly tech savvy, but really you do have a good way with words. Welcome to the world of blogging and free speach truely! Lets call it free unedited journalism! Great Effort Sima, I have subscribed you (waiting for your next post)

tarakeswari said...

a pleasant surprise ,sprung without any caution ,inexcusable . Applauds to you . Look forward to the next clear and loud thought .

Pankaj said...

Keep it up, Sima.
-Pankaj (from Seattle)